Upload pre-recorded video for webinar playback

Hi all! Can I upload a pre-recorded video to use as the on demand playback video (in lieu of what’s been archived?) Thank you.

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Yes you can @laria. When you log in as a producer in the On Demand event you can go to set up and import media and you can import a video.

Thank you @sanne . This event was hosted as a “live video and audio (Screen Share)” session and the video that recorded and archived is messed up. Is it possible to replace that with another recorded video, while using the same webinar ID? Do you know?

yes this is definitely possible! Since you will upload a video only (and I assume not use the slides anymore) I would advice to change your console. But you can upload a video as a producer when you log in to Elite Studio / Presentation Manager XD. If you log in and click on set up in the bar below:

And then go to the tab presenter media:

Here you can upload a video as presenter and this is what people would see in the media player in your console. If you video includes the slides, I would redesign / set up your console and remove the slids area and center is all around the mediaplayer. Enlarge this window.

I hope this helps, otherwise feel free to contact me directly at s.van.opstal-brakel@topdesk.com

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